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Is there any housing associations near you that you could apply to.
Also if you are having difficulty paying the mortgage you can use this as an excuse to need to move and shelter will help you get rehoused.
We unfortunately had to do this a few years back as we'd bought a 2 bedroom flat but when my two sons were found to have different disabilities we were advised that if we got into difficulties paying the mortgage then the need to sell the house becomes more important and we would be moved up the list.
Shelter advised us to put the house on the market and tell the housing that we had to leave due to the problems and difficulties in paying, 4 months after putting the house on the market we got offered a 3 bedroom house and we've been here since, we also did sell our house when an offer came in the day we got an offer for the housing association house(they don't have council house's in our area as they were all sold off).

The housing have also been great as they have put in a new kitchen, bathroom, boiler, windows, internal doors, driveway, garden has been full flagged and there now putting in a ramp to the front door now my eldest is in his maclaren major more and we've been told that they are going to replace the roof before summer.
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Hi we had a two bed terrraced house and had 3 girls in one room. We really needed to move and thought our only option would be a part buy part rent new build. However the lady there told us about a scheme called homebuy4u. They are a caompany which will buy a percentage of a new property for you and you pay them interest on the part you own until you can afford to buy it off them. The conditions to be eligable are, you need to be working and at least one of you earning less than £60,000 a year, be overcrowded, and buy either a new build property or a house on the open market which has vacent possesion. Last year we brought ourselves a 3 bed detached bungalow. We put the profit from the sale of house and they gave us £34,000 towards the cost of our new house which meant that when the financial consultant organised our mortgage (you have to use one of their financial consultants and solicitors ) we had a £67,000 deposit. For the £34,000 they put in we pay £50 a month as well as our mortgage and the interest only goes up at 1% above the base rate every year. With the market the way it is if we don;t buy them out within 5 years we would still only be paying less than 70 a month. You will need to check the website to see if these are still the rules and you can apply online, might be worth a try, but a word of advice, get your application in quick as they get their money in april so you want to be on their accepted list by then. They were very helpful when i rang them as well, so don;t be afraid to ring and ask questions. We would never have been able to afford our lovely house if it wasnt for their help, and we were 1 of 160 they helped out of 5000 that applied as we made sure we had all the paperwork ready to go when they needed it! We also had to sell our exsiting property which we put on the market for £5000 less than valued and sold it withnin 8 hours! The solisitors were fantastic and work a way round with them saying you need savings, we only had £500 in our account when we started all this! Hope this helps, and please feel free to email me if you have any other questions xx
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thank you so much for the suggestions and replies (although feel really cheeky as this wasn't originally my thread but in the same circumstances) Unfortunately our housing association is within our council who have been little to no help and as the waiting list is 2yrs plus despite Ben's medical needs, we can't wait that long. We live in a small town in South Cumbria and unfortunatley they're are more people waiting for council houses than actual council houses available.
I also had a quick look at homebuy4u, again something that wont apply to us as they don't apply to where we live. Our house is way below the market value (we are that desperate) but haven't had a viewing in 6 months, we've changed estate agents 3 times and it has been on the market for over 3 yrs now. Its a terrreced 2 up 2 downand primarily a first time buyers house but due to the housing market and the situation with mortgages its really gone against us. We can't reduce the price anymore. The planning officer is coming round next week to definatley make sure that our house isn't suitable for an extension, the architect has told us not to get our hopes up but we need a 2 storey extension, a single extension won't fulfil our needs. It just seems like a neverending nightmare at the moment, thanks again x x x

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