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Yes i agree, My daughter has sensory issues too, Its such a difficult decision, Thank you for your replies
I will check out flamigoland x
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you mentioned that your daughter has trouble walking flamingoland also loans wheelchairs if neede but you have to phone them, also it doesnt say on the website but disabled guests and carerers can also get a wristband(available from first aid room) which lets you queue jump you usually have to go to the exit gate on rides this helps if your child doesnt wait very well
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What we have done is always gone to a hotel and then done things in the day time, my little boy loves the beach so most of the time we spend on there. We go to great yarmouth as there is plently of things to do.
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I have just come back from Disneyland Paris my with son wh has the same problems.
They are brillient there they give you a pass so you do not have to wait on rides, or to meet any of the characters which is great.
We went for three days and that was enough my son didnt get bored as it was a short time and lots to do. There is also access to everything by pram/ wheelchair so no problems.

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