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(11-25-2010, 10:00 AM)4ut15t1c5h311y Wrote: hi i am not in south yorkshire as such but in grimsby, north east lincolnshire/south humberside whichever you prefer?! lol I am autistic and have irlen syndrome and have a 7 year old son who is also autistic and has dyspraxia and bowel incontinence, i also have a 5 yr old Angel daughter who has a rare condition got no name for it but she has a missing chromosome number 3 in which has a high risk of bowel cancer in adulthood, so if you know anyone with the same or similar condition i would be very grateful if you could help me on my quest?! many thanks
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hiya have you heard of unique
im from goldthorpe

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no i have not but this valuable info sounds like a good starting point so thankyou very much... x

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