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just a thought - but if you are having trouble getting your son in and out the car seat - you can buy a circular mat which swivels. i have no idea what they are called! have a look on the living made easy web page. i have seen them by used by friends at my special needs support group in their cars. im not sure if they work under a car seat though? hope this helps.lol
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You can view a range of Car seats & accessories on our Living made easy for children page. If you do find one suitable and within your budget, then please contact the supplier directly.

Hope this helps

Best wishes

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I found that the britax evolva was perfect for my 6 year old son, he can't sit unaided but its really supportive and he sits lovely in it.
Its currently about £69 on the tesco direct website Smile
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thankyou all for your help xx
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We have a recarro special needs seat for our 5 yr old, it was expensive when purchased but saw to his needs well, he has now outgrown it not in size but attitude. The maxi cosi goes to larger sizes does it

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