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Hi there,
I've just registered on to this site but I'm looking to hear from other parents who might be in the same situation as me or have been in my situation and have come out the other side!

I have a 4 year old son who, at the moment, has no official diagnosis, which is more than half of my problem!
From him being a very young age, he has struggled with lot's of things and I, as his parent, have known that something just wasn't right.
As soon as he had his 2 year check with the health visitor, I pointed out my concerns and luckily she was on the ball and immediately referred him for speech therapy. Since then, he has been receiving fortnightly visits from a specialist speech therapist.
As time has gone on, his speech has come on leaps and bounds and it is the least of my worries now. Admittedly it is not where a "normal" 4 year old's speech would be at, but he is talking and we can understand him, so to me, that is massive progress.

It's his other behaviour that concerns me.
He has always been painfully shy and he struggles to maintain any form of eye contact or communication with people.
He has no friends and now he is at school, he chooses to play with his big sister and no one else at break times.
He sits out of any form of physical exercise and even at home, he would much prefer to be sat down watching the tv than doing anything that requires him to walk or even move!
He lacks A LOT of attention and this is one of the big worries for me. It is very difficult to hold his attention to do anything. He is easily distracted and a lot of the time, it's as though he doesn't even register what it is that you are saying to him, he looks totally blank.
We're also having problems with him soiling himself. He will do it and not even tell anyone and he seems quite happy walking around with messy pants.
He is incredibly clumsy and he has had a lot of accidents, most of which involve his head. He falls over a lot and most of the time it is because he isn't paying attention to where he is going or what he is doing.
There are lot's of other little bits and pieces that when you add up, all make a big picture, if that makes sense?

I have 2 other children, a 7 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. I often used to say how having my 3 and 4 year old was like having twins, except now, my 3 year old seems to be surpassing my 4 year old in lot's of ways and it's like I still have a toddler.

There has been involvement from an educational physcologist and she is going to do some observations at school this Wednesday but it's taken me moaning and complaining a lot to get to that stage.
She asked me what I thought could be "wrong" with my son and my honest answer was that I think he may have ADD. She agreed but obviously couldn't make any official diagnosis or offer a proper opinion until she had seen him.

I just feel at the moment, that not enough is being done. My son is suffering at school and I just want him to have the correct support in place.

I feel that a lot more could be done for us but that we are being let down.
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Reading your post, I can totally relate to you, I have the diagnoses of Autism and Dyspraxia and i have a statement but still school really lacks progress, I have no one to help me and absolutely nothing has been done, Im from kent (Medway) and my daughter has a severe speech and sound disorder and cannot pronouce even one word correctly and you know what, In the 2 and half years i have been on the waiting list for i have been given 6x30 mintue sessions....absolutely dreadful
But after the rant, my daughter is very simular to your son, at school she has no friends, will happily play on her own in the playgrounds etc etc, in class she will sit (On her special yellow chair) As she loves yellow and draw, but she has lack of eye contact..... has very poor social skills, Very happy if she is lead of with an older peron (Adult), Very clumsy....No Space awareness, Weak Gross Motor skills (Not being able to walk, cannot ride a bike and absolutely hates trips to the park etc etc, My daughter has big issues with eating (Does your son?) which that causes problems with her toilets
If you do a google search for Dyspraxia (Its only an option) but see if your Son can relate to the Symptoms on their, Hope this helps and you find nothing offensive
Have you applied for a Statement of Special needs?
The only advice i could give is to get as many people as possible on your case ie: Teacher, Senco, H/V, Doctor etc, get them all to do referrals and people will take you more seriously, thats what i had to do!
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hi, my son is 3 and has alot of the symptoms your son does - except his attention span is huge when he is interested in something. (he gets "stuck" and spends hours playing dominos or on the computer) he had no eye contact as a tiny baby while i fed him and still doesnt. no smile unless tickled, didnt say mummy or daddy till he was 2, very grumpy and negative "no" all the time. his first sentance, at nearly 3 was "i cant do it!" (still says single words most of the time)we have had no speach therepy yet but are on the waiting list...
i have two other happy, achieving children. he is now in nursey and we are doing a 6 week assessment - backed up with a home diary, to get him help at nursery? and a referal to a pead? for a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder? or something similar? so im in the same situation at the moment. everything is so slow... if you want a friend to chat to -

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