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Hi guys,

I have been reading all your storys of trouble with mainstream school and i have had trouble too!
From when my daughter was 7, she was diagnosed with ADD and learning disabilites, every single teacher of hers has tried to get her statemented but each time i have been told by the school she is doing well enough not to be which everytime i have told them they are wrong!
Due to my daughter finding schoolwork and socially interacting with people more difficult i had to take her back to see a behaverial nurse and was told she has severe learning disabilities and has the IQ of only 72! Was a big shock as wasnt told about this 3 years ago, and apparantly she should have been statemented 3 years ago aswell!
I told them what trouble i have had with the school and the lady called the school to tell them that she really does need more help and should be statemented so hopefully after this half term break the ball should start rolling but i have a feeling its going to be yet another battle! If anyone has any advice on how to push it forward myself i would be very grateful! Not only that but my daughter is starting secondry school this september and am really not sure how she is going to be there! I personally as her parent think that she will be far too vulnerable as she takes everything literally and has no idea how to read body language and whether someone is ever being nice or not! just really dont know what to do Huh
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Hi Guys, well good news! Lucie is moving school in September! Called Lucies statement review meeting forward and requested that education attend. Got the head of education and she agreed that Lucie could move schools as of April, but what with my 4 year old starting in september and my middle daughter starting juniors in september also i thought it would be best if they all had a new start at teh same time! Also it gives the new school a chance to train and get prepared for Lucies arrival. The new school have been fantastic, and i also have to say the deputy head of Lucies current school has been great and is organising an action plan for Lucies new teachers to come to her school to meet her and also visits to her new school so that her tranistion will be as smooth as possible. I am glad i fought for what i felt was best and now that the school have listeneded to me i feel more comfortable with leaving lucie there. (apart from moving Lucies seat so she can hear!!!!)

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