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hi all i have regular meeting with my daughters school with senco and at last meeting they told me she was coming on well everything is fine in school etc, my daughter saw a peadiatrician at beginning of december and it tell a completly different story, i quote this afternoon i saw her in the classroom where she meant to be practising for a sheep for nativity play. other girl tended to speak for her, se did eventually wisper a few words then went and hit in corner of room and did not going in class activities,
Also in this letter it states she is in area support class for math as the level of math is such for this which i did not know about,

when i last had a senco meeting i asked about an education psychologist i got told her needs were not high enough but her peatatrician has wrote she would like her to see a clinical psychologist

how can school say she is fine when clearly this says she is not.
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I know this story very well Smile
Our oldest who we have always said struggles socially and can generally be a devil Smile
But educationally they have always said educationally shes doing very well and has settled at school very well with a reading age of a 10-11 year old.
Her last school teacher was involved in the diagnosis of ADHD using the green forms they give to parent and teacher.
But when she swapped teacher back in September her teacher wrote to cahms saying she wasnt involved in the diagnosis etc and Emily was doing very well.
Well we were hearing a very diffrent story from our daughter who moans about school everyday so Cahms went into the school to perform an assesment and im so glad they did.
Cahms said that she struggles so much within school socially and said the changes in friendships she expected to be quite sutle but there was a major marked diffrence and the rejection to her was really bad.
She was rejected socially everywhere and the woman from cahms said that she shows all the signs of a girl with aspergers.......
WOW we were never expecting anything like aspergers
But now when we read we think oh yes it all adds up.
The school were critised by Cahms for ignoring her social needs and gave them things they should be doing but as of yet they have not been implemented but we are arranging a meeting with the lady from cahms and the school and shes going to tell them where she believes they are going wrong with Emily.

Just wanted to share the story because we have fought for years with Emily saying how hard she is and how frustating it can be and finally we have someone on side with us who now understands and we dont feel alone dealing with the school.
Schools often get it wrong sadly!

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I've just moved my eldest boy from his school even though he only has a couple of terms left before he starts secondry school for very similar problems. He has aspergers and was dignoised when he was nearly 8. With regards to school work he is very bright - reading age of a 12 year old and core skills in the range of 12 to 14 year old (he is only just 11) but socially he is a mess. He has no friends, he struggles with changes to rountines, overly sensitive to sounds - he has been bullied for the last couple of years in the school constantly - all classic aspergers but he has no other problems commonly found with aspergers - he is a well behaved little boy, very bright but social skills are a mystery to him.

Well to cut what could be a very long story short, when I went in a told his teacher that he wouldnt be going back there as I had moved him from the school to a school which has undertaken the Autistic Friendly school's training and I felt they had more experience with aspergers and would help him overcome some of his difficulities, access the help he needs and hopefully restore some of his confidenance as at the moment he is one shattered completely anxious little boy, his teacher responded with the following....

"Oh look I've told you before, with regards to aspergers your son is so far off the scale, I wouldnt worry about that, he behaves too well and is far too intelligent, he just needs to learn that his behaviour is unacceptable with his peers and he is just annoying them. Its his unacceptable behaviour that he has to learn is unacceptable"

I will never forget her words as it just reinforced to me that I had done the right thing in moving him as they have no idea what aspergers actually is and had completely failed my son. School has a duty not only to look out for a child's educational needs but also their social needs but this school is totally focused on academic achievement only.

I have had two meetings at this school with educational pschologist to discuss my son and each time the teachers havent really bothered to listen as they have the attutide that they dont believe anything is wrong with my son, he's just a naughty boy who cant play nice with other children (funny then that he plays lovely with children in infants about the age of 5/6years).

My advice to you would be to try and get the school on board but set a reasonable time limit for things to change and then stick to it, if you cant get the school on the same page as you with your child's need then I would definately consider looking for an alternative school - try asking around, look for a school that has experience and if possible recommended by other parent with a child whos needs are similar. You can always go through your GP, health visitor or the school nurse to request a educational pyscologist see your child. I ended up going through the school's nurse who referred by son to the school doctor who then referred onto camhs and the ed pys.

Keep your chin up - its unfortunate that its such a battle but you're not alone.
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thanks for the advive, its sad that so many people have to fight for what is right for there children.
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I am in a similar situation with my sons school too. He was doing brilliantly (top of everything) then this year everything has spiralled downwards due to his new teacher who claims to know everything about Aspies, but in practise just hasn't got a clue!
There are too many examples to list here tbh... but suffice to say they have till Wednesday to sort things out or I shall make another of my very frequent visits to the acting head! I think for me I find it more frustrating as before having my own I was a fully qualified teacher specialising in ASD and behavioural issues so I know how things "should" be done!

I really hope you all get it sorted really quickly!

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