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just wondering if anyone has any general tips for an 18month old that really doesnt need hardly any sleep! what with all euans care i feel like im about to drop its so depressing! my 18month old alfie is a complete live wire, he will not nap in the day unless he isstrapped in a car seat and even then its only for like 20mins in the later part of the morning (say 9/10ish). hes is non stop all day, he is completely unable to go to sleep for me, he screams for about an hour until i think he sometimes goes because of pure exhaustion from crying but even if dan gets him to go (hes a total daddys boy) he just doesnt sleep! for instance last night we went for a drive to get him to sleep at about 6.30, took him straight up to bed but he was awake and ready to roll by 9 until 1!!! and then he got up for the day at 4.30 Sad so i literally went to bed at 1 and was up at 4.30, i actually could of ried when i looked at the clock.

hes a perfectly healthy baby, eats well, loves fruit n veg, everything, he doesnt have anything with caffeine in (although you would think it sometimes) i dont know what it is! its like he just cant shut down or stay asleep. hes never really slept through the night....ever and for this reason no one will really have him so we never get a break Sad Sad

i dont know if anyone has any tips but i just needed to vent really, feelin abit tierd and sorry for myself. thanx for listening anyway guys, as ever Smile xx
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Hi i'm sure your knackered . Both my Children have been great sleepers so not really sure what would be the best advice for you . My son has started playing about going to bed , he normal goes down about half 5 - 6 , but lately he just keeps crying for ages and through the night . I'm used to not sleep much so it doesnt annoy me as much now . Have you spoke to your health visitor about any advice ? Or even try baby massage it seems to be good with few drops of lavender on his bedding .

Good luck and hope someone has some good advice , i'm just a bad mum and leave my son to cry lol
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Blush x Hi I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. My son who is five is exactly the same (still is to a degree). He is the youngest of my three children and even tho it is his sister who is disabled, he tends to be the most tiresome lol. The only thing that I can say to you that routine is so important and eventually he will follow your pattern. Josh now goes to bed at 7 (tho half the time just lying there awake) and wakes at 5.30 it still an early one but so much better than watching dora at three in the morning lol x hope you manage to get some sleep soon x

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hi, you are defo not alone my 13yr old still doesnt sleepall night every night, health professionals are a waste of time untill you live with sleepp depravation you havent got any idea what its like.we realised quite early on that my daughter has adhd. not a lot you can do about it till child is about 5 or 6. does your hubby work? if so maybe you could beg a friend or family member to work "shifts" with you even just for someone to have your child for 1 or 2 hours every other day or so so that you can grab a nap and recharge would be better than nothing.
gud luck.
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My son is 3 and doesn't sleep much (mostly due to medical problems). He is also a total live wire and runs around like a lunatic. We put him to bed at 6.30 and let him play in his room for about 45 mins then it's lights off. We recently put a radio in his room and this helps drown out any excess noise from his older sister still being up. Is it possible to half a 30 min calm down time before bed. Also try a bath and some lavender baby lotion (it does work). Other than that it's the supernanny trick i'm afraid. Once he starts crying go into his room put him back in position but don't look or talk to him (really hard to do but when Children play up as you know he's getting attention). Then leave it 5 mins before you go in again then start leaving longer between going in. It's stressful & it takes a lot of hard work but worth it in the end. xx
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