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i would just love to share the news from my sons recent heart appointment. i have been dreading it for a year.its the worst possible feeling that you are going to hear something bad. so i went with a heavy heart myself expecting the worst, only to be told that instead of looking worse, his heart is looking amazing, he has had all restrictions taken off his life, ie flying, theme park rides etc, he can now do all of those!!!! the consultant was amazing and explained that there is now no need to be looking at surgery in the near future, if ever!!!! its the most fantastic news, i dont think she knew what to do when i burst into tears as she tried to reassure me it was good, to which i replied i was crying cos i was happy. an all bleak outlook has soon got 100 times better. he now does not need to be seen for 2 years!!!! its amazing and i love my little medical miracle boy!!!!!
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congratulations on your good news 22
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awww that is just fantastic news hun, what a relief that must be Smile any plans to fly in the near future Wink congratulations, he sounds like a super star xx
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wow xx thats fantastic news xx
Heart my 2 boys so much
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thanks all of you. no plans to fly as yet cos we never had the option before!!!!! it proves that things can get better, and that doctors can be wrong. josh should medically be needing surgery in the next few years and look!!!
never give up hope guys!!!!!!!!! he's my miracle boy!!!!!

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