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A while back im talking about nrly 3 years ago we had building work without any building warrants or permission as the guy who did the work said he would get it for us. well we went ahead with the work he did ok but left us in a right mess with things unfinished. and he had ripped us off by 4 thousand. we had to get our roof redone too. we have heard he has done this to other people, done work and not did it right.

we do we stand Daniel if we were to move, would we need to pay for someone to come in and inspect the work, as no inspector came round to inspect to ensure its safe. ? as we had our stairs reversed to put on a 3rd room (small box room)
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Whats the legal standing on this?
Have you considered the small claims court?
Also when you say if we were to move would we need it inspecting,do you feel it is actually safe to live in?
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Daniel yes it is safe to live in .!! so we are fine then.

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