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can anyone help me my son is 5 he has problems with his leg. and he has out grown his buggy. i am looking for a special needs three wheeler for him does anyone know where i can get one i can't afford the £500+ that most of them ask for i am looking for a cheap one if anyone knows any links or can help me and alfie would be very greatful. many thanks nikky x
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We have a brilliant 3 wheel off roader by Delichion, which goes up to 11 years old, but it was nearly £1000. Family Fund bought it for us. Have you tried any charitable funding?
Maybe you could try looking at ebay for something.
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i have tried ebay there is nothing on there only the buggy ones and there no good for him.. i can't reapply to the family fund till the end of the year Sad and i don't know of anyother charitable funding. if anyone else does the help is really needed. as my son can't walk at the moment thanks for your advice xx
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Are you eligible for assistance from your local wheelchair services who also provide pushchairs.
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Hiya I used a voucher off wheelchair services and bought the special tomato eio
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Hope this helps

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