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Ill try and put these in some sort of order.

http://www.theactfoundation.co.uk -buliding,equipment,wheelchairs,mobility aids and medical equipment (mental health or physical disability) apps from individuals.

http://www.actionforkids.org-wheelchairs,buggies,walkerstrikes,communication aids and ongoing maintenances of powered chairs. apps from or on behalf.

http://www.Maybe use the benefit checker on the site using the navigation at the bottom list of other funding.

http://www.churchsociety.org holidays for chronically il, or recovering from hospital treatment or illness. apps made by 3rd party doctor,social worker etc

http://www.brucewaketrust.co.uk short breaks,holidays and disability equip. apps through a charity organisation or registered body.
http://www.campquality.org.uk chikdren with a potentially life-limiting condition,for all abilities and disabilities including cancer. apply online.

http://www.newlifecharity.co.uk equipment specifically related to the care or need where other sources of funding are not available or have a delay. aaps supported by professionals. terminally ill or seriously disabled.

http://www.buttletrust.org clothes,beds,bedding,furniture,household equipment, on occassions short term therapy. apps email preferable. covers all disabiltys and oprhans, and 21 and under living independent

http://www.childrentoday.org.uk vital life changing equipment related to sickness and disability apps through a charity.

http://www.lifeline4kids.org no grants of money but will buy specfic items disabled children and young adults 19 and under. supporting letter from doctor
http://www.elifarfoundation.org.uk To fund or part fund any piece of specialised equipment or course of therapy no matter how small. children and adults with physical or learning disability supporting evidence from professional.

http://www.lhh.org.uk for white goods submitted through professional

http://www.carers.org white goods, household, transport costs help towards short breaks and training for carers to help them back into work,

http://www.mobilitytrust.org.uk powered chaired n scooters apps by individual or 3rd party.

http://www.when youwishuponastar.org.uk
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sorry folks getting tierd writing what they are for will finish them tomorrow also got some address without websites ill post them up 2moro.
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thanks for them, my fridge frezzer is playing up so might see if one of them might be able to help
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Hi do you know if any of these would help with buying sensory toys ? I'm looking to get my son fibre optic lights as they calm him down
Single mum to a 14year old daughter and a son who is 3years old who has severe learning disability , hypotonia , hypermobility , visual impaired and sensory issues , he has showed me the meaning of life Heart and 3rd baby due 2nd of January 2012
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The R L Glasspool=Mrs F Moore,charity administrator,second floor,saxon house,182 hope street,walthamstow EH17 4QH TEL:020 85204354
white goods,clothing,holidays,furniture and disabilty equipment Apply via social worker or welfare agency.

S C witting trust= The Administrator,friends house,173 Euston rd,London, NW12BJ
Electric appliances,furniture,cloything,toys,pushchairs,bedding etc, Apply in writing via social worker or welfare agency

Independence at home= Mary Rose,chief executive,4th floor,congress house, 14 lyon rd,Harrow, HA12EN TEL;02084277929
one off grants £100-£500 towards specific additional costs including equipment,and emergencies.
meagain =yeah, variety club,lifeline for Children,elifar foundationand react charity. a few others will but it dosent state

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