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hi thanks for the reply, i feel i have to push for things. when josh was first born his prognosis was very bleak, and since he has done miracles. but back then, they spipulated that he had a very poor reflux, however, since his last speech and language therapy assessment, she stated that his boking and gagging choking could be to food not being swollowed properly. he does not take in normal food that a toddler should take. it has to be blended down.

I must admit i am getting concerned and frustrated with it all.
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also he does excessively drool, we thought it could be also to do with his teething, but my daughter was never like this, and when he doe get teeth, and a cold he gets so bad. THE STRANGE THING IS THEY ALWAYS TELL US HE DOES NOT HAVE A CHEST INFECTION. so they are therefore reluctant to prescribe him anti- biotics .
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Have they done a recent PH test?
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my son has reflux i know what you mean about the noise . My son had x-ray done to show he has it and is on losec for it . But as i said he has growing out of it more , but when he is ill the noise is back and also his mouth goes blue . His food would be mashed and not eating the foods he should do at his age . He also drools a lot as well and has all his teeth now but its because of the low muscle tone he does this . If you feel you need a test done then tell your doctor you want one done , its hard i know but sometimes you need to push for things to be done . It toke me a year to get them to do the x ray for reflux . Good luck
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(01-05-2011, 08:51 PM)mikey81 Wrote: hello everyone, sorry for not giving my happy new years and all that. My wee boy has been really ill again with these repeated chest and breathing problems. We had to phone nhs 24 and they called a blue light. I am fed up being told this is upper respiratory viral problems. He suffered brain damage quite bad at birth, he does have a child development team in place. He had to get the nebuliser in ambulance, but can anyone help me here. We were told his gagging could be the food he is eating pocketing. we have also noticed he does not tolerate noise well, it is taking me and my wife try and get him dressed porperly, it sounds daft as iam a 6'2 17 st bloke, but my god he is a nitemare. It is like he is displaying behaviours.

my daughter has problems with under developed muscles in her mouth and throat, she gags a lot on food and drink, she also has trouble comunicating with us at times although she can speak(very loudly at times)somtimes it takes both myself and my husband to get her ready as she will not cooperate and somtimes is not physicaly able to. maybe your son is also getting frustrated it dosnt sound silly at all. my daughter is 13 and i regularly get frustrated with her behaviour however after we have had an episode of bad or difficult behavior we usualy calm down and realise it was due to my daughter not being able to make us undestand what she wants

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