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hello everyone, sorry for not giving my happy new years and all that. My wee boy has been really ill again with these repeated chest and breathing problems. We had to phone nhs 24 and they called a blue light. I am fed up being told this is upper respiratory viral problems. He suffered brain damage quite bad at birth, he does have a child development team in place. He had to get the nebuliser in ambulance, but can anyone help me here. We were told his gagging could be the food he is eating pocketing. we have also noticed he does not tolerate noise well, it is taking me and my wife try and get him dressed porperly, it sounds daft as iam a 6'2 17 st bloke, but my god he is a nitemare. It is like he is displaying behaviours.
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Hi my son has low muscle tone in his mouth and would gag at times with food , he has growing out of it thankfully . He is only 2 and a half but it is nightmare to dress him , he has such power in him . My son doesnt like echo places or busy places like towns and all . They think he might have sensory processing disorder which would explain his behaviour at times .

Hope your son is feeling better
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my son has feeding problems too. He's 3 and we have had a few videofluroscopy (sp) procedures where they do a live x-ray of his swallowing which shows silent aspiration of thin fluids, pooling and uncoordinated movement and inadequate swallow. Surprisingly he does quite well but we have problems with chest infections whenever he gets a tooth (excess secretions) or the slightest cold etc. Our GP is very good and we often get antibiotics even if his chest is only slightly affected. We did however have lots of occations when he was much younger whereby he wasn't swallowing his secretions very well and they were pooling causing lots of upper airway noise (although if he ever had a temp with this we would go for antibiotics)

has anyone suggested a videofluroscopy to assess his feeding? or any excess drooling etc? we have thickener for Paul's drinks and have been offered patches or meds for drooling but we haven't taken that up yet.

Paul also has very low tone and has always been difficult to dress as he can flop into a dead weight instantly when he's upset and he is just so heavy, he also has trouble standing still and often leans into me when he's tired so I often find myself really physically struggling to dress him, some people say he's like water that just pours out of your arms

has your son had his hearing tested fully? Although my son has not been tested for behavioural problems he has had some hearing problems and has always preferred his own space and not enjoyed crowded or noisy situations as he could never hear what was going on.

Hope he feels better soon
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hi thanks for the reply we feel daft as i am sure people will say oh this is normal, but his behaviour is so irratic, and hyperactive almost, we were all in my mums at boxing day, and everyone started singing, and he went daft, he is also doing bizarre hand and finger movements at random times. H is so demanding. i also have a 3 year old wee girl so can se diff things.
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Hi Mikey,
Just out of curiosity have they ever looked at reflux as a possible cause?
Or has he ever suffered from reflux?
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