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It has been a busy christmas for you!
Good news about the statementing now though as now you can get the extra help in place.
Hopefully this is a sign of things getting better now!!!

Regards Christmas wedding i would love one but lucy says Oooh it will be cold and i cant do a cold wedding!!!! lol!
I always see them as magical weddings but hey ill most likely be getting married on a hot august day!!!!
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what great news, and what a lovely christmas suprise.
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congratulations!!!!!!!!!! and dan.....no xmas wedding.....faaaarrr toooo cold!! but i doubt we will marry on a hot day as most our summer days seem to be rainy!! you'll have to take me abroad Big Grin

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lol ure right about the wether here lol thats why i want to go abroard oh that and the fact i dont have contact with most of my family and dont want them there lol:cmas_emoticon066: will just have to wait and c what happens lol

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