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thank you! my husband keeps telling me that i should not give in to edwards demands! i keep trying to explain that he does not "demand" he is anxious and scared of change. visitors and christmas toys are upsetting for him. all he wants the comfort of his favorite thomas the tank engine.
i have even had edwards nursery worker suggest i should limit edwards obsessions!! how? if i takle everything away from him - he just sits and does nothing other than chew his clothes or climb on and off the sofa repeatedly!
the salvation army were delighted with a bundle of toys - it made me feel better today when i gave them away! i know they will be given to families who really dont have much. i also know that edward will be happy too!!
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You sound like you are in the same position with me and my hubbie. I wish he would come along to a parent group I go to for aspergers and see that its not just me giving in to the boys as he thinks but me trying to understand how different they see live but he wont go - that would be leaving his PC (thats another issue not for this forum - lol) or get him to read the Aspergers book by Tony Attwood which is amazing! Its really helping me but he wont read a book. My middle boy loves thomas the tank as well and I get it in the neck because he had the steamworks for christmas and kicked off because he needed Victor and kevin figures so I brought them for him. I've been told I'm spoiling him but as I said its not that, its just what Logan has seen on the tele is how he will play and on the tele in the steamworks are victor and kevin therefore he needs the figures in order to play as he doesnt have the imagination to work around that, its breaking the rules if Victor and Kevin are not there which creates destress for him. Roll of the eyes is the usual response. But I wish people would stop judging and try understanding.
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you both sound like your living my life as well. My husband has no idea how my son feels and why my son responds the way he does, sometimes i actually belive my son is the one who trys to keep the peace. I asked my son last summer why he stays in his room all day and he said if im in my room then you and dad dont fight. I was deeply upset by this comment and my husband just blamed my son for over reacting to life. if i were a stronger women i know things would be different but i do the best i can with 4 children all with special needs i really dont think i could do it alone. Camhs said on our last vist that they strongly feel my husband has ASD and i would have to agree, he is a very dependable man does most things i ask but thats the problem i always have to ask. im afraid from my experience people and family always judge maybe thats just human nature, some friends and family try to understand and to be fair to them im still learning from my children so i cant expect them to know or understand what makes my children tick. I use to bite my tounge when the unkind comments started to roll or the funny looks now i just leave my children to it they seem to have the last laugh so to speek. When there nan kept frowning at my littleist one she just pulled the same face back she had no idea that the frown was ment to indicate she needed to share nanny got very fed up and shouted to which my daughter replied nanny your hurting my ears and then she spent the rest of the night putting her hands over her ears everytime nanny spoke. well i know that anoyed everyone but each time i tryed to explain that nanny wants you to share she just said why didnt nanny say that she shouts and that makes my ears sore. still at least they see that nan 1or 2 a year there other nan disowned me and my children as the autism was all my fault and its because of my poor parenting, i try not to judge but who are they to say that they were drunk all of my childhood and never even remembered my birthday. people are so quick to see faults in others but forget there own. Every day it seems i learn a little more about my children all children teach us wonderful things and im sure you are all just as proud of your own as i am of mine. Even when they kept me up till pass midnight last night to see if they would want to do it tonight hee hee
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Matt spent all of last xmas crying. Although he is not autistic he cannot handle stressful situations. One of the conditions he has is to stop breathing and he needs to be resuscitated. So this year we spent weeks preparing him. Showing him pics of santa and telling him he will leave presents. Matt has a limited number of things he will play with so we just bought lots of the things he likes. We prepared visitors by saying he may only open one present then go off & play. We kept the fuss to a minimum and the day went smoothly. A lot of hard work went into making it fun for him but it was worth the look on his face when he realised santa had traipsed snow all through the house on xmas eve xx
Heart Mum to Abigail 8 & Matthew 4. He stops breathing & needs to be resucitated. Has Bulbar Palsy & was born with a hole in his stomach, has mic-key tube fitted. Matt has heart/lung problems and is also tube-fed.

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