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Will do thanks.
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(12-29-2010, 10:08 AM)crabwell42 Wrote:
(12-28-2010, 09:13 PM)davids mum Wrote: Hi all, my son has Down Syndrome, low muscle tone & is doubly incontinent. At 8 years old (size of a 5 year old), weighing only 20 kg, he is still in nappies. Being in mainstream school, this is beginning to become an issue. He would love to wear 'normal' pants but has no sensation of when he is passing anything.

I'm trying to locate a supplier of 'pull-ups' with resealable sides as having to remove Piedro boots, trousers and pants is becoming a problem for his TA during the day... Don't want him to be "forced" into Special School by LA yet as he is doing so well in Primary School.

Have tried Huggies 'Little Walkers' & they can work for now but he is on their max size (only good to about 18 months!).

Is there anyone out there who can suggest a company to try/contact? My GP Health Visitor is brilliant & will work with us to get stuff on prescription if it is available in another County (we are in Herefordshire). Look forward to hearing from someone.



Hi Mel,
we struggeled for a while trying to get the right size nappies for our daughter,we started on Huggies and now are using Libero. I don't know if this is a regional thing in the country, but through our Health Visitor, she put us in touch with our local Incontinence service. They came round to our house with loads of samples, we tried what we thought were the best ones and took it from there. Also they deliver them to our house every three months for nothing. It might be worth asking about it, if you get no joy email me and I will get in touch with our local service and ask them if there is anything they can do.
Good luck.
Hi Mel,
Yes you need to get in contact with the incontinance nurse who will do s short questionaire about your little boy then get some sample nappies for you to try then once you are happy you should get then delivered every 3 months, we then have a number to ring and a date too order more every 3 months.
these nappies should be free from the age of 4yrs.
Hope that helps.

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