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this was on the nhs incontinence site

Can you get them on the NHS?

What’s available on the NHS varies throughout the country. Each primary care trust (PCT) has its own contract to supply incontinence products and its own eligibility criteria. To find out if you can get your incontinence pads, products and appliances for free, ask your local district nurse (get details at your GP surgery) for an assessment. They can advise you on whether you're eligible. If you are, they can arrange for a regular supply of pads to be delivered to you, if your local service provides home delivery.

You should be supplied with as many pads and other continence supplies as you need. If this doesn't happen or you have any concerns, tell your healthcare professionals. If you prefer, seek advice from your local Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), which can be contacted through your local PCT.

things have changed but i spoke to my health visitor as even though matt was signed off she still took an interest but i think community nurses should be able to help nowadays. you might not get the amount your child needs (it used to be 4 a day) but even that is better than buying them all every little helps.
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thats the name of them dry nites thanks libby
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Thanks Connie I had no idea I could get that kind of help I just accepted it was something I had to do. I will ask the doctor next time we go Big Grin
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Hi all,

Many, many thanks for all the replies and advice. It's really appreciated! I think (having written the initial post at the end of an evening) I could have been more specific, so apologies if I didn't make myself clear in the first post. We have Libero nappies for David at the moment, supplied quarterly. Where we are struggling is for daytime use at school; as David is so small, he wears 4-5 year old size trousers & his Liberos are obvious... Also, we are trying to move away from a nappy for daytime use as he is so active & the 'wings' at the front of the nappy slide round and down, allowing leakage (although the tabs stay done up). Most of the available pull-ups are for very young toddlers & we are trying to source anything which would be a better fit / have higher capacity. Hope this makes sense now...

As I said before, many thanks for all the advice. Hope I haven't worn out goodwill by being unclear.

Kind regards to all.

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hi hun that is ok not to worry but i would check with your incontience nurse or the nhs they should be able to supply something good luck and let us know how u get on xx

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