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Found this link using google. I also have trouble with pull ups I am just using normal ones at the moment but they are so expensive, I am lucky because my son is 5 and he fits into his 20 month cousins pull ups so I can get away with the smaller ones. It is frustrating though when you get people telling you to train them better and blaming you I feel like screaming sometimes.

My problem is that they are not absorbent enough because 5 year olds go to the toilet a lot more then smaller children and we always have them splitting during the night does anyone else have any nighttime suggestions?!
Will I EVER stop having to fight for my son to have what he NEEDS!? Huh
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theres already been a post on about nappys so here the link

hope this helps

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hi yes your incontinence nurse should be able to sort you out our daughter stacey gets them as she doesnt stay dry at nights so she is 13 (a big 13) we get night pants aged 7 to 15 but there are ones aged 4to 7 i think and they are huggies we get ours in boxes 2 mths at a time hope you get sorted
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(12-29-2010, 04:26 PM)slharris28 Wrote: We currently get huggies pull-ups to use with Nicole, but when she outgrows these, i don't know what i'm going to do. I'll be watching this post with interest.

Crabwell what is libero??

Hi sorry, it took me so long to get back to you, Libero are the make of pull-up nappies that our daughter is using now, we got them through our Incontinence nurse.
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Have you tried Drynites Pygama Pants? They do age 4-7 and above.

Hi Everyone, I have 2 boys 14 yr old with cp and 5 yr old with speech delay - both gorgeous!

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