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It was great to read all about Euan, just reading it you can tell how proud you are of your son.

Thanks for sharing,

Promise I won't set you up again lol

Don't look down on anyone unless your helping them up
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It was lovely to hear your side of the story and the picture I see when I start up the website is ADORABLE!!!!
Will I EVER stop having to fight for my son to have what he NEEDS!? Huh
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I can only second what has been mentioned above...really good read.
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I can so relate to how you felt when you had your diagnosis, after i left the child psychologist with my daughters diagnosis i remember going shopping with her straight after and saw a little girl the same age as my daughter and realised my daughter will never be like that! thats when it hit me to be honest like a train!
I know it might sound funny but in a way i grieved for the child she should have been, its heartbreaking seeing your child struggle though life!

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