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no they are just processing the change in circumstances... we have phones them a couple ov times n they just say its head office that deal with it now n all the people on the phone no is its still being processed and they dont no how long it will take...but 5 weeks is still a long time, im gunna wait til tues wen we get our tax credits and if they still no change them im gunna fone em again!
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i would chase this up kerry coz when we found out about matthew having a disability and when we got his DLA award we phoned them straight away and it updated. we never had time to wait. it was done immediately.
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Same here.
It updated over 24 hours and payment was upped the week after along with the backdated ammount!
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ive been waiting almost 3 weeks now, i rang them yesterday after almost a week of holding trying to get through. they had no records of the previous 2 phone calls i made to tell them i got middle rate dla for my little boy Sad so i gave them all the info they needed again, n now im playing the waiting game again Sad

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