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hope scott gets better soon xxx
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love my 3 girls all the world mommys perfect princesses xxxx
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Finally brought Scott home after a horrible time at hospital,turns out he has tonsilitus and an infection in his gastrostomy from a traumatic change of button.He is now on oral antibiotics so we are hoping he will be have the rest of the week and stay home for christmas.As it was there was only one nurse on the ward for 20 patients,(due to snow stopping staff getting in) and my husband has no idea of scotts meds so i had to go back and stay there with him for the whole time.
Just hope thats our lot now at the hospital for this year,its getting bad when the porter calls you by your 1st name!
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Pour little Scott I hope his temperature drops soon so you can get home
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awwww I am so happy he is home and in time for christmas too. I just hope he keeps getting better Big Grin. I know how you feel about the hospitals our longest non stop stay was 9 months and even the nurses knew our names.

Glad he is doing better and I really hope you all have a lovely christmas Big Grin
Will I EVER stop having to fight for my son to have what he NEEDS!? Huh

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