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my poor little Scott is in hospital again and they told us to expect him to be in for at least a week. Sad
He hasn't been well for a week,spiking temperatures and lethargic,just not himself.Drs said virus,hes had antibiotics but no help,he spiked a temp of over 42 this morning and he had a prolonged seizure,most likely due to his temp.now he is in on an IV,has been naked all day.using calpol/neurofen but cant get his temperature below 39.9.now not sure if its an infection in his gastrostomy site.
His dad is staying tonight,because i am exhausted beyond belief but he thinks it is so easy looking after Scott,i'm hoping this will be a wake up call for him.i'm just waiting for 2 older ones to settle then i'm off for an early night,not slept in over 48 hours.
just needed to vent.
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Hope Scott improves soon hun and you get him home soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Sorry to hear your son is not well and hope he gets better soon . Your just right to come home and leave his dad to deal with it .Its so tiring being in hospital sitting with them . Hope you get a good night sleeps .
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So sorry to hear this, sending you lots of love and well wishes!! Hope you are out asap and that your son feels better soon xx
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Oh no poor scott and you Sad I'm really hating all the bugs around lately, euans had coughs, virus', conjunctivitis and now I've heard chicken pox has hit his school it seems to be it all this year!! Fingers crossed for you that they sort him out in less than a week and your all home together for xmas Sad Sad we have so far avoided being in for then but I know it will hit us one day. Thinking of you all, hope you get some much needed rest tonite xxxx

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