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Hello everyone

i was just wondering if anyone has heard of this cranio osteopathy or similar? and if so what are your thoughts of this?

have you tried it on your child ? any benefits?

i heard its beneficiant for cp children and some make progress .......

well do please let me know

kind regards

Ambreen x
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Hi Ambreen

If you can find a good cranial osteopath it's fantastic!

We were told by the Bobath Centre in London to try it when Joe was about 2, he wasn't talking and within a month of treatment, he was talking!

Also, his osteopath was the one to diagnose that his femur hadn't healed after surgery.

I would highly recommend it.

Hi Everyone, I have 2 boys 14 yr old with cp and 5 yr old with speech delay - both gorgeous!
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Teddy had it when he was a baby, before he was fully diagnosed. It cost me £40 a session and Teddy would cry alot throughout the session and be very grouchy afterwards. For him I don't think it did anything except cause him discomfort. Teddy was later diagnosed as having 13q deletion and diplegia cerebal palsy, so maybe it wouldn't have helped anyway.
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thanx libby

and emma ohh sorry to hear it didnt work for ur little man , whats 13q deletion if you dont mind?
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Their were also a few replies on the facebook page also reccomending it but they all said to find a good osteopath through recommendation Smile x

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