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says it all in the title really Angel i am posting a thread for people to post when they have had their present from their secret santa so we can remind anyone who hasnt sent them of the final posting days and also let the santas know that their gift has arrived safely

i will start as i have recieved my pressie and hubby has hidden it to stop me opening it as i terrible at waiting Blush
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I haven't but I am only just wrapping mine to send out in the morning Blush should be there by the weekend hopefully Smile x
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i received mine today and its round our tree and im very very tempted to open it but i will try to be good or it will be the naughty list for me lol, sent mine off last week so i really hope they like their prezzies xxx
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I have sent mine, but not received yet I can't wait

Bernie xx
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Hope you got the chocolate willies i sent Corinne Big Grin
Joking aside :S
I actually found it quite difficult to buy for my secret Santa receipent as its very hard buying for someone you dont know,its bad enough buying for Lucy Big Grin
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