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Seems Noah is going through another about of insomnia.
Tonight has been the worst so far. He went to bed as normal at 8pm. I went up at 11pm after the usual tidying up session!
He kindly woke me up at midnight Sad and we have both been up since.
My youngest was woken at about 4am by the noise, thankfully got him back to sleep an hour later. My daughter could sleep through the end of the world!
To say Im tired is an understatment
I have no idea wether he will go back to bed at some point, he has gotten up at 3.30am before now and still done a full day at school and gone to bed at usual time!!
No chance of a rest for me either as I have the other two look after.
(sorry for yet another moan)
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I am so sorry I know exactly how you feel! I only have one child but that in itself is killing me. He takes hours to go to sleep and then wakes almost hourly through the night. I haven't slept a full night for 5 years and have had to come up with ingenious ways of living on two hours sleep a night if I am lucky!! If i try and make him go to sleep then he goes mad so I have to attempt to trick him into sleeping and that doesn't always work.

I am assuming you have tried everything. I have too. Red-bull has become my friend as has cold coffee, I find iced coffee wakes me up more then normal coffee because anything that is remotely warm makes me want to fall asleep. Have you got anyone that could help you out so you could have a sleep during the day or anything?

Sorry I cannot be more helpful but I can be here to talk to if you ever need a good moan Big Grin
Will I EVER stop having to fight for my son to have what he NEEDS!? Huh

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