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hi all hope your all well

just wanted to double check if dfg do cover fences if they have all fallen down ? ours have fallen down in the terrible winds we have had, i was told by the first o.t employed by them yes they can do , then they sent another one out and she says no they dont cover them regardless , we own our home and the neighbour has a council home and she cannot afford to pay for them neither can we.

i just need to know where i am going with this as she is due to come back out wednesday and if they are meant to do them then i want to tell her get on with it :) lol in a nice way of course

the fence panels are all over the place in the garden

thanx all

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i think they do fencing
as it is a saftey issue for child

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who put the fence in to start with? if it was the council and the house joins with a council house then they should come out and repair it, we have fences on 3 sides, one belongs to neighbour one was fitted by us when we moved in (we are in council house) and the one at back was put in by council for previous tenant and i was told if anything happened to it they would replace it as the Children in that house are pains for climbing over it into our garden and i made it clear i wasnt going to be responsible if it broke and they got hurt
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