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Hi we have two children with Autism, one in a Special needs school and one in a mainstream with a teaching assistant. Exactly the same as you we were hearing from our friends children that Henry was left to his own devices for long periods of time. Initially we booked an appointment with the Headmaster to discuss, a month later we were still hearing the same stories. So I wrote a very formal letter to the Headmaster, basically stating what I had heard, and asked him to provide me in writting exactly what times Henry had the teaching assistant with him for how long, what subject were taught, for a written report from her, detailing how Henry had coped with each leson etc. I wrote in the letter that I needed these answers in writting as they would be required by the Local Educational Authority, when I contacted them, which we never have, since we wrote the letter the school has been great, send home a report every day or second day, and according to our friends children Henry now gets lots of attention. Could just be a coincidence that the extra attention just happened as they recieved the letter. But if you have had no joy with the school try your Local Education Authority.
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Hi all, to anyone that is having probs with their school, if you have tried all you can & still feel like you are getting nowhere get your school governors involved. Write an official letter of complaint addressed to the chair of Governors requesting a meeting with them & they have to take it seriously. They will take advice from your LA & you should, hopefully, start getting somewhere. Also, our area has a brilliant thing called Parent Partnership, i think its run by the council (havn't needed to use it since my Daughter moved to a special school) but they will go to all meetings with you & tell you exactly what your rights are, they were my lifeline when DD was still in mainstream. Hope this helps & good luck
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(12-01-2010, 07:37 PM)larnie-narnie Wrote: hi everyone i need a bit of a moan and a bit of advice if possible, my daughter is 10 yrs old has gdd,severe learning difficulties behavural problems the list goes on.
She has been at this school since she was 3 she started in nursery and has a statement.
I never had a problem in the beginning but about 3 years ago things started cropping up and to cut a long story short they havnt done anything with tegan.
At every review meeting the headmaster and staff would fill me with promise and hope and tell me they are doing everything for her and re assure me tegan was in the right place because i had mentioned taking her out and placing her in a special school.
I have found out that her sna doesnt even sit with her to help her and says "she will come and find me if she needs me" which is a load of rubbish tegan wouldnt ask for hjelp she would sit all day and do nothing.
does anyone know who i could complain to about the school because the school is usekless and i am through talling to the headmaster we are just waiting now to see if we can get her into a special needs school,
also has anyone else had trouble in a mainstream school x

i had the same sort of trouble with my daughter. i ended up calling the education board myself, they called a big meeting with everyone involved(social worker, educational phsycologist, head of sen in my area and unbelivably the school changed their mind overnight decided they could no longer cater for my daughters needs and she was moved to a special school, that was when she was 8. my daughter is now 13 and is still going to special school, the staff are so different it is unbelivable, they have more time and are better trained to deal with children like ours. they also admit they are not perfect and if u ask for help and they dont know the anwer they dont fob you off they tell you the truth and also try to find out the information for you. i cant praise them enough they are so supportive, even if you just want to have a moan about how stressed your child make you feel they will listen and not judge you, i hope my story helps you
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Hi I teach in a secondary school, mainstream. Before I went on mat leave I had a class full of children with special needs, 3 autistic, 1 physical and learning difficulties, 1 severe language probs and hearing, other 10 moderate learning difficulties. An absolutely lovely group however it was me and one support assistant. And if she was absent we had no help. 3 had statements but no individual one to one help. Disgraceful. When there is no money in schools for adequate support inclusion cannot work. He support assistant was on long term sick and their behaviour deteriorated because of the change and lack of support. Also those Children have now been divided up between 4 sets and only one gets a support assistant. will be thinking very carefully about where my son goes to school. The mo we don't know how much he will develop so dont know if mainstream will even be an option. xxx
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Where do i start with my little boys mainstram nursey that he used to go to, They wouldn't do nothing with him and would let him get on with things. If his support wasn't there he wasn't allowed to go to nursery. But my little boys special needs nursery/school are great, they have been graded outstanding and you can see why. The teachers care about the Children that go there and really put them selves out for them. Have lost count the amount of trips that he has been on, and is always bringing home a painting or drawing every week. In a year they have taught him have to climb up and down stairs, drink out of a proper cup, make eye contact all the time, play with other Children, started to use makaton and my favourite thing has started to babble hearing him say mummum brings a tear to my eye.
Maybe have a look at the special schools around your area and see what you think. We actually took Ben with us when we went to vist them.

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