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hi everyone i need a bit of a moan and a bit of advice if possible, my daughter is 10 yrs old has gdd,severe learning difficulties behavural problems the list goes on.
She has been at this school since she was 3 she started in nursery and has a statement.
I never had a problem in the beginning but about 3 years ago things started cropping up and to cut a long story short they havnt done anything with tegan.
At every review meeting the headmaster and staff would fill me with promise and hope and tell me they are doing everything for her and re assure me tegan was in the right place because i had mentioned taking her out and placing her in a special school.
I have found out that her sna doesnt even sit with her to help her and says "she will come and find me if she needs me" which is a load of rubbish tegan wouldnt ask for hjelp she would sit all day and do nothing.
does anyone know who i could complain to about the school because the school is usekless and i am through talling to the headmaster we are just waiting now to see if we can get her into a special needs school,
also has anyone else had trouble in a mainstream school x
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Yep so much that we left to home school
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we opted for a special needs school, it was in my opinion the ONLY way we would know that jacob was getting the support he needed, they have min 1:2 staff to child ratio and that really is a bad day, since sept i can count on one hand the number of occasions he's had less than 1:1. we may further down the line opt to send him part time to mainstream but for now, i think he needs the extra support to ensure that if and when he is ready for mainstream he is prepared and at a stage where everyone is aware of the limits of his abilities.
i think its a personal choice for everyone, dependant upon the needs of your child but i have never had 2nd thoughts over my decision, despite jacob being of above average intelligence.
carrie xx
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I would compile a list of evidence against the school if your really not happy and take that along to the next meeting. If her statement isn't due to be reviewed for a while maybe speak to the lea and voice your concers. Take advise from someone like IPSEA they will be able to give you all the legalities and offer you support through The process too. Have you seen a special school you would like to send her too!?xx
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hi, i have a 14yr old who has cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, speech problems, gdd, she is in main stream school in yr 9 at the moment, she suppose to have 25hrs 1 - 1 support, i have now heard threw a few of the pupils that she is never with my daughter, and now there wandering why she is playing up in school, i have just been to fetch her out and her so called teacher said she been playing up that much today she is thinking of stopping teaching her after the holidays, talk about not doing your job properly, i have e-mailed sen and asked for her statement to be changed so someone can look after her properly, but as of yet heard nothing in 2 weeks, i just dont know what to do after christmas,

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