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sorry that message posted before I'd finished oops. The boots we get we don't pay for, we are entitled to a pair every 3 months although often we don't need them this often if they haven't grown. I'd put a bit of pressure on the physio because once you get to see the Orthotist they are mostly very good at telling you what your child needs. The selection in the catalogue are great too, they have lovely boots for girls very cute
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my daughter also had these boots well b3 she could walk, as soon as she started walking at the age of about 3 the hospital stopped her having them, why i do not know they never gave me a reason, she is 14 yrs old now and can not wear proper shoes, she is in her trainers all day, and as for school shoes thats just a no no, due to the dolly shoe keep slipping off her feet, and her long thin feet am no good, still she is happy in her trainers though :-)
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Euan has them and trainers, I buy his trainers from footlocker as I was advised by the orthotist to get them with support around the ankles as his completely collapse when his shoes are off. They do some nice ones that come up the ankle and I usually buy a lace up too so I can tie them as tight as I need to. Piedros are fab, he wears them every day for school but he likes a change at weekends. Normal trainers are no good, he walks funny and they flop off Smile hope that helps too x
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Thankyou so much everyone you gave me the confidence to confront the physio. she just popped in unannounced today and when she asked about annie I said look at her feet her ankle is turning and the other isn't flat to the floor I think she needs boots. she said ok and has referred us for some piedros! Result
thankyou again
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glad the physio has referred you, matt didnt get any until he was about 13 and that was a physio visiting his school noticed he was almost walking on his ankles (feel bad that we never noticed ourselves until it was pointed out. only prob we have now is he wont wear any other footwear and even had a panic attack when we went in a shoe shop lol but fortunatly even though he was signed off they agreed he still benefits from them and can still have them and when he is 18 he can have 2 pairs so we can have one for when he goes hiking and one for college as they get a bit messed up in the mud
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