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i had a friend who's son went to a mainstream nursery though he had quite severe autism, she was at home when she heard a knock to find him standing there after he had left the nursery crossed 2 main roads and walked home by himself

matt went missing from school after a dinner lady forgot to lock the back door and the teacher thought matt had just gone to computer room until a local shop phoned up to tell them he was there, he stayed at the school but they upgraded their doors, but i couldnt be to mad as he had climbed out of living room window when i accidentally closed it but the catch was on wrong way (i had never had double glazing windows before) i only realised when i saw him skipping down the road in his pyjama's as i thought he was just hiding.

thankfully though we hear a lot of horror stories like the ones mentioned in this thread they are a lot rarer than we think as we never hear of the times when good things have happened as that doesnt sell papers. i think that escort will not be allowed on that bus again but also the school should have questioned why his brother was there and not him and no phone call to tell school he wasnt in but guess they would say its not their job to phone parents if a child isnt in school
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