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well my aunty told my mum tell her to try gaviscon , and shes in another country

and i looked at the gaviscon in the cupboard my gaviscon lol and said for children over 12

so we thought ohhhh better not then lol

and no dr here or peadtrition has told us

omg im thinking now we shud have just tried that first ....maybe it would have helped especially hes bloatu stomache of a evening

u see thats why i love this place , special people like you lot that always help Smile

i was better off posting on here before going drs for rantidine now!!! oh well thats life xx

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i'd still enquire about the gaviscon to be honest it's not going do any harm,
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Hi there

My little one had quite bad reflux when a baby and also was failing to put on weight - looked like an underfed insect!

ANyhow he was put on ranitidine - which neautralises the acid in the stomach
Gaviscon in his bottles of High Energy Milk - there is a Gaviscon suitable for babies
He also had domperidone which helps stop sickness..

The combination worked a treat and he grew in to a tubby toddler!
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ahhh thank you dusty x

they just never tell you all this grrrr x

what does the gaviscon do then?

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