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hi jake tried movical but didnt suit him it gave him very bad diarrhoea and stomach cramps so had to stop after 2 weeks nurse said its good but dosnt work with every one
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We use Movicol and have done for a couple of years now. Our GP told me that Lactulose draws water into the stool whereas Movicol adds water (the water that its mixed with) into the stool which he said was a better option and it seems to work. He did say though its kind of up to me to monitor how much he needs and we are used to it now and he has about 1/2 sachet every other day although I amend this as and when if he is loose or whatever. My son is on thickened fluids too which means he has to have quite a lot more fluids to ensure he stays hydrated, he's fed orally but on quite a soft diet so I try to make sure he has lots of foods with plenty of water in like pureed fruit etc

I do remember that it took is a while to get used to Movicol though I had to go back to the gp a couple of time for reassurance but its fine now
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Jasmine refused drinking Movicol, so don't know if it'd work. Lactulose on its own is no good. We had senna prescribed and again she refused it, made herself sick Sad Then we found fig syrop, which helps her a lot. I do slightly overdose her on it, give her 2 and half teaspoons instead of 2 and she goes within half an hour after she's eaten. Just yesterday we went to see our gp about it again and he prescribed us something else, which I can't remember what it was as we left the prescriptions in the chemist to be picked up on Monday. He also prescribed us microlet enemas for emergencies. I've bought microlax enemas online before and they do the job well but the gp said it's not in their system so they cant prescribe it. Microenemas do work within 5 mins with Jasmine.

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