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bean bags are a good thing for them to throw themselves on especially if you get leatherette or any wipe clean fabric as its stronger as well, you can get some great sofa bean bags that Children can lie on and the rope lights are safe even if bitten Blush
i love this just wish matts room was big enough for it hehe as it folds flat as well
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Ooh this is definetely my type of thread! I love stuff like this, when my son first came out of hospital one of the first things I did was visit ikea and woolworths (bring it back! properly back!) and make him a sensory corner, as the only thing he responded to in hospital was some lights.
I used the wavy mirrors you can buy there, filled the corner with beanbags and cushions for him to lay on, fastened a rope light to the wall and hung CD mobiles on the ceiling.
We've moved house now and have no room for the stuff in the living room, but he does have rather a cool bedroom! I'll have to take some pics!
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Oooooh do share some pics Mattys mum! Smile
Always great to see what people have come up with
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(03-22-2010, 08:40 PM)Daniel Wrote: Oooooh do share some pics Mattys mum! Smile
Always great to see what people have come up with

BlushIt is an Awesome room i have to say Daniel, as we live only round the corner and are planning a trip to Ikea very soon, so i can get some bits for my 3yr old as he very much enjoys the Sensory room at the Childrens centre where he is seen.

People please join your local Freegle/Freecycle groups where you can sometimes obtain suitable/needed items for free from those who no longer need them.

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Sounds Brilliant, I will have to look at Argos book

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