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lol, peppa pig is about all there is for girls. i also got her lots of lights and projector things and a huge doll house that has 3 floors and all the windows and doors open and close so i know she will love that. she has loads of puzzles and dress up princesses suits. i still have to get some bits but getting into town is hard so the rest will have to be done last minute. dale my oldest hasnt got much but his cost more a ps3 with 10 games (god they are so expensive £30 - £49 for the newest ones) and i got him a laptop and he has some smaller sets and stuff. reece has the transformer deverstator (sp?) as his main present and then loads smaller transformers toys and lego sets. scooter, remote control stuff.
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Days getting closer!!!
And i am finally all done!!!
Food shopping,presents everything!!!
Just some wrapping now!!
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hope you all have a good christmas
im still trying to get sorted no xmas shopping yet im dreading it as ive not got the car
hopefully my partner will be here but hes still got xmas shopping to do and try travel over to me
wrapped all the pressies well still waiting for 1 to arrive.
the boys are getting excited although jack dont understand why lol bless him just cant wait to see his face xmas morning
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euan keeps singing happy birthday when he sees a wrapped prezzie. soooo funny. I say ''hohoho (santa to him) is coming soon'' but he just doesnt get it, he still says me birthday lol


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