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So is everybody ready for christmas?
Whats your plans for christmas day and what are you looking forward to the most.

Our plans are waking up at stupid o clock :cmas_emoticon052:
Then sending all members a nice message.....:cmas_emoticon066:
Open all the presents then my mother is coming around for breakfast and then when she leaves have dinner and all the usual festive frolics and then late afternoon we are off to the mother in laws for supper.

Should be a busy day but i can wait as it should be an amazing day and i just love the christmas feeling with the Children,this year should be an extra special one as ive pushed the boat out with the Children and with lucy,shes been spoilt by me this year....:cmas_emoticon071:
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aww it sounds lovely. I've got so much wrapping up to do its scary - all of it in fact arrgh.
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this year we have decorated the house slowly lights up first and alex loved them. she kept saying 'suprise' over and over. then i bought the trimmings for the celling which cause some upset as alex wanted to be picked up so she could touch them (super bad back after that). the next day we got a tree, a real one (from a golf course lol). so we all decorated that and alex kept saying over and over 'it's the best christmas ever' (she says everything is the best ever but i still love hearing it). she also says 'ho ho ho' when she sees santa. we keep watching the Children christmas specials. but how she will act this year on christmas day i dont know. i might get a few of hers out at a time over the day. she might get upset like she did last time, not a reaction i was expecting.
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we go to my sis in laws on xmas eve, and have dinner, and the Children have their pressies off them so they can see them opening them, then xmas day we also get up at stupid o clock, open pressies, have breakfast, get ready and then go to my moms for xmas dinner and so the Children can have their pressies off them. I got a feeling Seliona is gona be really bad this year, as over the past week or so she has changed alot (im hoping its all the stress of xmas coming and she doesnt know what exactly to expect, even though we do the same every year, and hoping its not a permanent change in her)
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that sounds great! hope selionas is not too bad, or at least i hope she improves after xmas for you!! i suppose it can be overwhelming for any child really let alone those with asd. I'm sure as they all get older they'll improve a little.

And becky, i hope alex enjoys it rather than being upset!
what did you get them all in the end??? any pepper pig stuff by any chance? :cmas_emoticon046:


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