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All the best of luck , hopefully you's find out something soon .
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Well its now a case of waiting for the neuro surgeons to come tommorow morning as apparently they wont see people after a set time Sad
Brain surgeons eh?

But basically Euan has been unwell for nearly 3 weeks and has been vomiting and had severe headaches and diziness and very sleepy and we kept putting it off hoping it was a bug.
But we called his medical doctor the other day and they wanted him in today for assesment and they took photographs of the back of his eyes and discovered a swelling of the optic nerve that wasnt there previously that now explains the symptoms but does not yet have a reason for this.
They are talking of another MRI as the last one showed excess fluid but apparently that was only a small increase of fluid but now they want to see if this has increased and also talking about a lumbar puncture to see whats happening to see because they believe he may have crainial pressure Sad
Such a small lad and going through so much his whole life and its days like this as a parent you generally feel like crap because theres nothing you can do to make things better.

Hopefully tommorow will bring more news and hopefully some good news of some sort or at very least no more bad news Sad
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aww so sorry to here this i hope they get him sorted quick and its nothing to serious xx
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Well they've let us go for the weekend as they can't do anything over the weekend anyway so it would of been pointless staying. They've said he has a papilledema, which is a swelling of the optic nerve and the most likely cause is intracranial hypertension. SO, we are back in next week to have a lumber puncture. I'm not sending him to school in the meantime as that seems to make it worse, they keep sending him home anyway so its pointless. Thanx everyone for all your messages xx
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just logged on to see if any news! glad you home for weekend but sorry he is going through this poor little miteSad hope all goes well net week and they sort him out?

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