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You need to contact Social Services as this is a child protection issue. No child should be subjected to this or any type of verbal abuse. Explain that he gets physical and contact your Police Domestic Violence unit. As a mother you have the responsibility to protect your child. Report it NOW
We fight to protect our Children, and we continue to fight, challenge and Win for our children's sakes no matter what their age to give them a better life. We find an inner strength to do what we need to do and remember you are never alone!!!
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Hi there, thank you for all your replies, since me making the post he hasent replied he dosent speak now he boarded the bus the other where me and the son we share and he diidnt even speak look or acknowledged any of us Im hold my head high now and me and my eldest son Bradley is looking forward to a bright future. again thank guys for your time Smile Smile Smile

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