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yes hun fight for respite if they say no tell them well you are handing him over to tehm that will make them listen i do smypathise with you my eldest daughter is 15 has gone throught an attempted rape along with an eating disorder and suscidal thoughts etc we have had some much s**t throwen at us that we hate her ,that she hates us cant wait till she gets out of here all the names under the sun punched us hit us threw things at us walked out you name it now we have 3 phone bills 500pds mobile ,2 mths ago 170pds phone bill and now a house phone bill of 125 pds im readuy to kill her but my salvation is my dogs i let of steam with them doing training in the back garden its either than our i kill her

all this plus hormones lol
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Hi honey. I can't imagine what you're going through and keep my fingers crossed my little fella doesn't have a personality change. He has ASD too but is the opposite - he is very passive but still has outbursts every now and again. His passiveness could become a danger for him as he could be easily lead by others. Anyway I found out yesterday that we have an ASD Support Group in our area for parents and siblings. Could it be worth asking your Dr or Health Visitor if you have similar near you. You've got to have an outlet - you can't take all the hassle everyday and not need to vent it yourself. xx

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