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Hi All

Well I am thinking ahead a little as baby not due till May but I know if I dont get some sort of sling I shall never be able to leave the house on my own.

I can't have a double buggy as Grayson has his Push chair, so i thought a sling for the new baby may help, I nver used with Grayson and my physio has always scared me a little with the holder ones as she says they can damage their hips, so I was wondering if anyone had used any and has any advice ?

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Hi there
I don't know what sort of thing you have in mind but I use two main types of sling with my daughter who had very low muscle tone etc, so I was conscious of her being supported. The one we used from her being very tiny 4lbs 6 is called Kari me and it is a long piece of stretchy material you wrap around and they go in facing you, then they can face out once have good head control, can also be used on your back but that takes 2 to get them in! I have used this sling so much it is so comfy and easy to use - i thought it would be difficult. We also have a mei tai which you can use on front then as a back carrier it is useful cause it fold up really small and is quick and easy to put on. I must say using a sling has been great Annie has always been very content and happy in it i used to wear it in the house a lot when is was small as she would be totally happy while i did housework or things with her big sister. any more questions just shout!
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What are you using to get around with Grayson at the moment?
Is it a pushchair and if so what sort?
Just wondering if one of the clip on baby riders might be of use?
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