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so glad to hear its all settled and going well Smile
It was a fight but one you should be proud of fighting because you did it so well done Smile
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Thank you everyone!!!

How ironic is this............. we have now had a letter from OT to say we are at the top of their list!!! It was the other house we needed them!!! we are still letting them come out!! The lead OT is also coming out (prob as we have made a complaint about OT assisant Now took that to stage 2) but on the letter it said ring this no if date not suitable anyway date not suitable (daughter speechtherapy session) that was last fri i left msg on answerphone with joes details an my contact details, and they had printed wrong no on the letter so someone out there has my details grrr we have put the letter safe more proof to complain about!!!!


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(11-17-2010, 01:10 PM)vic Wrote: We moved on the 5th Nov we just love the house its perfect for Joe and perfect for us as a family Joe loves his new bedroom and the fact he also has his own bathroom!! He and my other children have settled really well!! Can't believe how quick it all happend! We were only on the list since July thank you to everyone he let me moan moan moan lol and for all the help and advice that was given to me



that is great news

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