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We moved on the 5th Nov we just love the house its perfect for Joe and perfect for us as a family Joe loves his new bedroom and the fact he also has his own bathroom!! He and my other children have settled really well!! Can't believe how quick it all happend! We were only on the list since July thank you to everyone he let me moan moan moan lol and for all the help and advice that was given to me


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That's fantastic!!!! Congratulations Smile Smile and just in time for xmas too!! Must be such a relief that that part is finally over and done with Smile xx
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aw im so pleased for you guys! it makes so much difference being in suitable housing.i hope you are really happy there! Smile
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Nice to hear some good news wish you every happiness in your new home
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its nice to hear that you are settling down in house well
just in time for christmas perfect timing wont be long before you get ur christmas tree up


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