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I heard that there is some funding for 2 year olds to go to nursery but although i can find it for different areas i cant seem to find anything about it in Birmingham, is that because Birmingham doesnt do it or am i looking in the wrong place? Im not sure if anyone will be able to help but thought i might as well ask, im not going to loose anything!
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not sure but do you have a social worker? your best bet is probably to contact your local surestart nursery as they are fab at this kind of stuff and then if their is funding, its usually quicker if you can get a referal from either a social worker or a health visitor as i think surestart prioratise Smile xx
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hi ya,we are in chesterfield and i recieve 15 hours free funding on the 2 year olds pilot scheme for each of my twins, joshs specialist teacher sorted it out.
i was told about it ,so i made enquires and the specialist teacher casually said i didnt think you would be interested so i didnt mention it.
the nursery is great josh gets 1:1 support for the full 15 hours, josh has quad cp his twin theo is unaffected but still gets the funding on sympathetic grounds.
hope this helps shaz
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hi i applied for this funding through my social worker but didnt fall in the qualifying postcode! best thing was were we lived before we moved here 12 months ago when we owned our home we would have qualified, were we live now is considered a more affluent area and we live in a council house? also just for interest 2 year funding applies not only to disabled children but people on low incomes, ethnic minorities and other groups.
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hi, my eldest son was given 2 year funding, our application was done by our health visitor, i have a couple online friends in various areas who've also been given funding and they all had their applications done by their health visitors :-) xx

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