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just want to wish u good luck.tyler had a mri because of his epilepsy he was meant to be 3rd on the list but he didnt have his mr1 till 4 then he was so sleepy afta we had to stay in over night x
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hi we were on the morning list had to be there for 8am Alex was sedated at 10am (liquid through his button) waited for it to take effect and went down for the scan took about 40 mins. docs said as soon as he woke up and was back to normal, had a drink without being sick we could go. Alex seemed to sleep forever 2 hrs later he woke up he fought the sedation and was overtired so had an extra long nap whilst we waited thinking of all the things we could have been doing ha ha
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I was hoping they would just sedate him, but because he has a history of not being able to maintain his SATs they are having to give him a general and ventilate him so I'm expecting it to take longer, especially as his scans not until 2pm. I've been trying to warn him but I don't think he gets it, he's just thinking its a regular trip to his clinic Confused xx
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jacob is having one next tuesay and he's having to stay overnight but i'm told that this is hardly ever done and usually you can go home a couple hours after the GA.
good luck, hope it gives you the answers you're looking for.
carrie xx
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it sounds like he's first on an afternoon list which is a shame. el's mri's have always been under GA ( it's the way the anaesthetists round here prefer to do it). As others have said once they're are eating and peeing they're normally fine to go home. I hope it all goes smoothly for you

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