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From the families I know it does appear to run in families. Theres an article in the current cerebra magazine showing that in genetic studies of 1,000 people who had ASD, schizophrenia, learning disability or none of these, looking at rare copy number variations in DNA, that they found that these 3 disorders may have more in common biologically than previously supposed.
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I would say defo yes. My husband has Aspergers and his father is defo weird and in my opinion autistic, branded simple 80 years ago worked in a stores all his life etc and bth my boys autisitc.
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This genetic link means there may be an inherited tendency, so autism and Asperger’s syndrome may run in families. Brothers or sisters of a child with the condition are 75 times more likely to develop it.
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we have several disabilities in our family. my dad has schizophrenia he was diagnoised when i was a child my brother has ASD. My son has autism and my 3 girls havs ASD although the little one is not formally diagnoised yet. My husband has slight learning difficulties, and at our last vist to CHAMMS they asked me if my husband has ASD as they felt he did. Looking at my son my husband is just the same and has the same problems. But i also think my dad was wrongly diagnoised im sure he has ASD not schizophrenia, but he is so poorly now i wouldnt bring it up with him.

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