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Matty is back in hospital, thats 3 times in 2 weeks now! He's still wheezing and struggling to breathe, and I said they were letting him out too early, just to free up a bed. Usually when he gets like this he has steroids and antibiotics and its sorted in a couple of days. They haven't given him anti b's this time, and its not clearing up!
Soooo means we have to cancel our holiday that we were supposed to go on tomorrow afternoon. We can get most of the money back with a doctors letter, but I have to tell the girls we arent going Sad
I've also been to the bank to set up a new account for the direct payments, but the assistant was really snotty with me. Its my own fault for not having all the details I needed I guess, but I'd no idea what I needed to open the account! She said 'didn't you need this when you opened your original account?' When I replied that I was 15 when I opened it, she stated that you had to be 18 for a bank account. I know I was 15 when I opened the original one, as it was just after my nannan died and left me some money, I don't recall ever doing anything else!
She also needed more details about the direct payments than I could give, despite asking the social worker, I still don't know how much we're getting, when its getting paid in (weekly or monthly) or how I'm supposed to pay whoever I employ?
Blooming bank woman spoke to me like I was something she'd scraped off her shoe, if she'd stuck her nose any higher in the air she'd have given herself a nosebleed.
I just want to curl up and cry about it all, I can't stand my little man being ill, I hate having to dissapoint the girls, and I can't deal with the stress by the flipping direct payments - all this hassle for 4 hours a week!
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aw can't really say much that going cheer you up but sending hugs to you.
poor matty,i hope he gets better soon and sorry you have to miss your holiday Sad
as for the bank,if they're anything like mine they're all snooty jobsworths,i opened my account when i was 15 also!
i really hope things improve for you. xxx
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Oh poor little fella!! I really hope he starts to improve quickly he must feel rubbish! And poor you too - it's bad enough when we have poorly children to deal with but snooty bank clerks (don't they usually look about 15 themselves or like they should be drawing their pension!!) - you should have told her about Matty then she'd have been embarrassed - if she had any compassion at all that is.

Can you look to book a last minute holiday some time later when you know Matty will be okay? Schools shouldn't mind children being taken out of school if a situation like yours is explained to them surely? BIG HUGS to you all. xxx
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2222 to matty and you.
i lucky with my bank as hsbc seem to hire nice ppl and been to a few of them, had to take matt in to open his first adult account (he was 16 so she is obviously wrong as matt has a debit card and would have had a cheque book if i hadnt told them no hehe) i was 12 when i opened my account and when i turned 16 they just transferred it over to an adult one.
from what i remember my friend telling me about paying the p/a for direct payments is you write them a cheque but its got nothing to do with the teller when the money is going in or how much it is all you were doing was opening an account nosy mare
is there a disability solutions or equivalent in your area as they can help you and will come out and show you how direct payments work and can even help you find someone and do all the paperwork but they do charge for that so would cut down on the amount of hours u get per month but helping you to do it yourself is free
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Awwww sorry to hear about matty Sad Sad r u in with him? Hope they sort him out this time, I'm sure the girls will understand! Direct payments are appearing to be a bit of a caffuffle with us at the moment too....I just hope they're worth it! Xxxxx

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