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Euan does have delays but the main staitment route is for medical needs, euan isn't toilet trained, has large urine output (so needs changing 2hourly) and and has a gastrostomy and need amedication when he starts fulltime. They're just going to add his delay support on as extra. They can do statements for all sorts of reasons they ask lots of different people for reports to support and decide on the level of support. Goodluckx
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Your local authority should normally write and tell you whether they are going to write a statement within 12 weeks of beginning the assessment.
From receipt of a request for a statutory assessment from a parent the issuing of a final statement they are allowed up to 26 weeks. Many authority's may well do it in less
Any concerns you have contact your local Parent Partnership
Good Luck
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sorry i was probably a bit misleading in my post - i was just saying that if a child has a number of special needs or lots of needs in one area then they would benefit from statementing - i didn't mean to suggest that you had to prove a 'global delay' If you know what I mean . sorry about that.
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there is such thing as early years emergency funding, as your child already has 1-1 you stand a good chance of getting this funding. this money is availble until your child is in y1. therefore the statement will be written by then. You do not have to have delays in all areas to get a statement. I know children who are above average in all accademic areas but they have a statement of 20 hours for social support. it should take 26 weeks for a statement to be written however the LA do have get out clauses such as they have no power over NHS doctors and often have delays in there reports. Good luck.
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Hi, Thank you so mcuh for all your replies. We have spoken to the admissions person at our local authority who is in charge of SEN aplics and she says Abi will probably get a place at school based on where we live (no guarantees but that will do me for the minute) so to apply like everyone else by 17th Jan. Also to send in all her reports and SEN info as that may support her getting a place. Also I've found out that if a statement names a school the school has to take the child even if they are technically full so that's a relief.

I am going to write to the director of education here to get the statement under way and hope for the best. It is a huge relief to know that there is an emergency fund available. I am slightly worried if the hours will be enough as Abi needs close 1:1 at all times as theexhausted nursery staff at our school have found out.

So glad this forum exists with such amazing people.

thanks, Sue

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