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hi guys im back after almost 2mths god so much has happened and im very overwhelmed by everythin and i dont know where 2 start really.

my son was suspended from school 6 wks ago 4 lashing out at the teacher because she shouted at him 4 not understanding his work thin is though i warned the school that brandon has central hyperacausis hearing condition which makes him lash out if he hears loud noises and hes waiting 4 his aspergers syndrome assesment.

now the school said they didnt want 2 suspend him but it was the only way they could help move things along quicker 4 brandon by gettin the rapid response team in and 2 the schools credit it has worked brandon now has his assesment date, he has 2 lsa in his class and they r discussing with camhs about a statement of education ( i have no idea what that is ).

we now have a family link worker who is lovely and we r waiting 2 c if we can get help with takin brandon out 4 days out which would b amazing since i have been house bound with him 4 the past year.

ill admit that im struggling 2 cope with the situation my husband tries 2 understand and help but he doesnt know how 2 cope either and to add to my struggles my dear grandad passed away on sept 11th after a long hard fight againt illness and i havent even had time 2 deal with his death let along greive im findin everythin so hard 2 deal with at the mo feel like my head is going explode but i cant break down cause i have 2 b strong for brandon and aurora they cant c their mum a nerveous wreck but i dunno how much more stress i can deal with.

i know brandons assesment is in 3 wks but its 24/7 with him and im exhausted im on my knees i dunno what 2 do.

sorry 4 the rant xxxx
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I'm confused!? Did you start a new profile because you lost your password !? I can merge them if soo....
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Hi Ambie - welcome back! You need to get rid of some of your stress - you need to have a good scream and cry!!! Is there anywhere you can go for a couple of hours by yourself - an understanding friend maybe? Believe me, it won't make everything okay - but you'll feel better and more able to carry on.

I'm really happy for you that you are getting some support at school for Brandon - that big long dark tunnel that we often find ourselves in might just start shining a light for you!! xx

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