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It really does sound like you have got your handsful and i can see why you are so frustrated with your healthvisitor and doctors.
It is just so annoying when it feels like they dont believe you.
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i was typing a post reply yesterday and my laptop battery went before i posted. i wanted to know if anyone had offered you any home support? i was also wondering what nursery thought? and what type of nursery is it? a mainstream one that has over 20 children and is attached to a primary school or is it a small setting where they only take a low number of children?

i have 2 children that are on different places on the spectrum, my youngest has a diagnosis of autism and my son who is 6 doesnt have one quiet yet. when my son was young and i knew that there was a problem i think back on it as the worst time of my life. i had no support from family members and i didnt know about support places like this one. the only support i got was from nursery senco officer. she helped me as much as she could and tried to get my son statemented.

i now have a family support worker and she has done more for me in a short amount of time, she has arranged respite for my 2 children which should start in the new year. she has introduced me to parent platform (from parent partnership) who is now going to start ringing around and demand to know why my son hasnt been diagnosed. she is also coming to my sons review of his statement and say the things that i might not beable to say for my self.
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How are you truly finding the respite care?
Are the Children ok with it?
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hi becky
tbh ive got no support apart from my partner and he lives 20miles away so most time its just me, i have no family around me as i had to move due to the boys dad hes bi-polar and has snatched them before aswell as violence, selfharm.
ive tried to get help of Health visitor but all she ever said is try new toddler group which i did and i was pure hell jack freaked out because so many people and some older boy slammed jacks head into play kitchen.

jack started nursey at my sons school 5th november they have around 28 children and only 3 people there with them which is a concern. jack will only go to lady named kara and if shes not there he will freak out, she has mentioned the whole problems that arise if routine messed up and that she feels there is something wrong hes definatly delayed.
she also mentioned he wont communicate with other children he will occasionally stand by them but thats all also fact he walks funny going up stairs he turns one foot inwards and drags it up the stairs.

they said they refered him to SALT but hes been there over a month now and shes not arrived yet so ive got on to dr and Health visitor to sort it after breaking down at doctors otherday.
kara is only one that actually sees and understands as he only go with her the other say oh hes fine etc, which is stupid as it took me hour to get out of nursery tues in end she grabbed him and he screamed his head off punching and kicking and she thinks its fine
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phone a place called the parent partnership, there should be a local one in your area. you can phone them and they WILL listen to you. i think they will be interested in speaking to kara. and also they can phone around for you and find out what extra help the nursery plan to put in place and the Health visitor visitor might actually get off her bum and take you seriously too. they do the phoning around within a few days and they wont be fobbed off with the usual stuff they try to pass off to us parents.

children like adults better than other children because they are consistant and predicatable, children with ASD and other similar disabilities dont like other children because they are unpredictable. which is also why they love cartoons or usually the same film over and over. the parent platform may beable to get your son into a small setting nursery, they exist as my daughters only takes 4 - 5 other children instead of the 12 they take in the moring session. they have 1 teacher to 3 children but because my daughter is on a full time statement she gets full time one-to-one.

as for the playgroup thing i wouldnt even attempt to take mine it would be very stressful and painful, does your son clamp his hands over his ears when theres much noise?

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