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Hi I just wondered if there was anybody out there who has a child with spina bifida and hydracephalus.

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i have a little boy (well he is 6 next month) Ryan has spina bifida and hydrocepalus,he uses a wheelchair,he is at mainstream school which he loves.

he had a new shunt fitted 3yrs ago,fingers crossed he still ok, we catherterize him 6 times daily

i am here if you want to chat xx

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Hello, I have a seven year old Son Daniel with Spina bifida and Hydrochephalus, he had a shunt fitted at birth and attends a special needs school. He is a full time wheel chair user and has severe learning difficulties, but is the happiest child you could ever wish to meet.
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My baby son has Spina Bifida. No hydrocephalus so not shunted. While I can't remember his lesion level I know that he is a paraplegic. He has clubbed feet and we do have to cath him regularly. If you wouldn't mind sharing your location that would be helpful thanks. Looking into getting a wheelchair for him soon. We had postnatal surgery.

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